Behind the Scenes:
My System to Elegantly Enroll $2,000 - $100,000 Clients Online
In this video training you will discover: 

  • The #1 first QUESTION to ask in a sales conversation that will reveal how to best close the sale.
  • How to streamline your sales PROCESS to make more sales.
  • What DOCUMENTS I have on hand to easily organize converting prospects into clients.
  • ​How I minimize the need for FOLLOW-UP.
  • ​The TOOLS I use to easily enroll clients from all over the world.


In this free guide, Vanessa will share what she did to create an additional $500K revenue stream within 2 years by launching high-end signature programs.

Vanessa is the CEO of Vanessa Horn International, a global business and personal development company, and marketing agency. She is a sought after speaker, business coach, and the author of the books "I'll Have What She's Having!"® and "Profit With Honor."

Vanessa has an MBA specializing in Entrepreneurship & Leadership.     

Over the last 11 years, Vanessa has successfully managed being a mom of 3 boys, while also building and selling several businesses. She has worked with over 10,000 purpose-driven entrepreneurs to help them build successful businesses working from home.  

Her expertise is helping you create an elegant marketing system for creating high-end clients and multiple six-figures online without having to blog, do social media, have a website or any of the traditional busywork most entrepreneurs think they have to do. She is all about creating big impact and income from a place of grace and ease.   

She’s been featured on national television, radio, and magazines for her work and she and her husband of 17 years and their sons currently live in North Carolina. 

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