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The 3 Most Critical Actions to Optimize Online Marketing & Create Clients Consistently

  • The #1 marketing asset you must have if you want to create a steady flow of clients.
  • The 3 non-negotiables you need in order to eliminate overwhelm and grow your business in a sustainable manner working just 4 hours a day.
  • How to identify and eliminate the non-essentials that just keep you busy, ineffective and lead to burnout.
  • How to effectively market yourself online in a way that feels good, is congruent with your values and in a manner you want to be represented online. 
  • The #1 business structure decision you need to make in order to cut back the amount of time and energy it takes to serve clients.
  • The #1 skill you must master as a business owner if want to want to forever eliminate any anxiety about money.

How To Create An Additional 6-Figure Income Stream™ By Packaging Your Expertise Into A High-End Online Program

You will learn...
  • How you are already doing your "Signature" work but how a simple tweak in your packaging & positioning can set you up to earn an additional 6-Figure Income Stream™online.
  • I'll pull back the curtains on this simple & elegant business model that was responsible for a $500,000+ income stream in my business. 
  • Why all 6-figure income streams are NOT created equal and what you need to know to not waste time or money going down the wrong path.
  • The fastest path to cash, as well as the 5 Steps to create a 6 Figure Income Stream™ you can put on autopilot giving you more freedom. 
  • The top myths & mistakes commonly made in marketing that are costing you clients (you'll be relieved to discover what activities yield the best return on investment for your efforts).
  • Actual case studies of clients who created a  6 Figure Income Stream™ using my Signature System and how you can too.
Presented by: Vanessa Horn, MBA Speaker | Author | Business Coach
FREE Webinar: "How to create an additional 6-Figure Income Stream"