Exclusive Invitation for you as a VIP graduate of The Signature Series Mastermind...

Building your business strategically and with grace & ease takes a commitment. And finding the right support is not always easy.

I've created a new program, Signature Exclusive, as a way to support my favorite clients... graduates of The Signature Series. 

As I have reflected on all the programs I have launched and the clients I have enjoyed most, there has been no greater pleasure of mine than to have supported my clients who have implemented the Signature curriculum. 

I want to acknowledge all the work you put into creating your signature program, and the online assets we teach to market yourself online. The Signature Series allowed us to simply begin the foundation for a strong business. I'd love to help you take it further. I'd love to support you in optimizing the efforts you have made.

It is my pleasure to extend this special invitation to Signature Exclusive to you. I hope you will choose to join me. 

You are invited to...

Signature Exclusive Includes:

  • Monthly One Group Coaching Call with Vanessa: This is your opportunity to submit materials for review with love seats with Vanessa (similar to the Mastermind calls) exclusively for our Signature Exclusive clients. Plus stay abreast of the latest marketing strategies in the industry and what Vanessa is testing and learning. 
  • Access to Masterclasses: Vanessa will host masterclasses with guest experts on subjects that compliment the course curriculum of The Signature Series. This allows you the opportunity to take your skills further while integrating it into the foundation you have already built in The Signature Series.
  • Opportunity for a bonus one-on-one call with Vanessa: Available to those who invest three months paid in full.*
  •  Continued Support in the Facebook Group: One of the areas of feedback that we have heard is how beneficial it is to have timely support in the Facebook group. Vanessa and team will be involved in the group to provide support in between greater than has been experienced in the past.


  •  Cohesive Strategy for Your Business: Get high-level support and a clear roadmap upon which you are building your business. Vanessa will work with you to optimize the assets you have already created so that you continue to tweak and perfect to optimize results. 
  •  Affordable High-Level Strategy Support: This will be an intimate group, so it allows you access to Vanessa's individual coaching support on your business at an affordable rate. 
  •  Ongoing Accountability: One of the most valuable experiences of the Mastermind has been having access to your peers and accountability on the journey will actualizing your plan. Not only will you receive ongoing accountability from Vanessa and team in the program, you have the opportunity to continue in accountability with each other. 
  •  Stay abreast of the latest strategies: Because this is an advanced group, Vanessa will be able to teach you the advanced strategies she is testing and learning.  
  •  Save money by avoiding strategies that do not serve you: I know that this program investment would SAVE you exponential what you could spend trying or testing strategies instead of learning from our testing or the masterminding that Vanessa does by being in touch with the top marketers in the industry.

Requirements to participate:

This is Vanessa's highest level of clients, therefore, acceptance into the program is contingent upon the following: 

  •  You have to have Created a Signature Program: To ensure everyone in the Signature Exclusive is advanced students only, we require that you have been through a Create Your Signature Program virtual workshop or have created a signature program using our CREATE process. You may, however, choose to receive support for a different program than the one you did in The Signature Series, and that is totally fine.  
  •  You have to have conducted at least an imperfect Webinar or Signature Talk: Even if you have done this imperfectly, we want to ensure all graduates are familiar with the frameworks of your thought leadership distinctions. We are utilizing advanced strategies such as FB Lives, however, they are built on top of the frameworks you have already learned. 

*For a bonus one-on-one call with Vanessa, choose the first pay-in-full option.

Choose your option: 

* At the end of the 3 months, you will automatically be billed
month-to-month at the continued rate of $497.

Signature Exclusive requires a 3 month commitment.
You many cancel after that by submitting a 30 day written notice.

Have questions? Wondering if Signature Exclusive is for you? Schedule a call with our team by CLICKING HERE.

Client reviews:

I knew, though, for myself there was a deeper purpose, but I didn’t know what it was and how to actually tap into it.  After just one session I was just blown away by this and, Vanessa, you got to the core of it! The passion and the determination.  It’s unbelievable what’s happening!  The momentum and the energy that’s come from this,  I just can’t even explain to you!

- Ingrid Bloom

Without Vanessa’s direction, I would not have gotten to this point. I’m just way too busy to have put it together myself. I was working myself to death.  I knew there had to be a better way but I was all over the board and I didn’t know how to zone in on my, my area of genius and make a profit from my clients. I now just have a whole new hope for the future.

I just want to thank you, Vanessa. You are just amazing and you are changing my life in an incredible way!

- Cheryl Wicker

Vanessa Horn is a master, follow her direction and success will follow, I promise.   I can't even begin to explain what I've been through before Vanessa Horn . I just started with Vanessa and have accomplished more than I did with 2 others coaches for 2 1/2 years. I am a huge fan of Vanessa!

Vanessa Horn, your content to implementation is the red velvet cake of the industry!! Clear, concise, accountable, value beyond the money. Vanessa Horn is a gifted Lady blessed to have her experience and expertise in my life

I had several coaches, but never had such a clear path to implementation.

- Art Costello

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